Billboard Mania

Billboard Mania

The New Year is fast approaching and I am so glad to be able to take this moment to reflect on my journey through 2011. This past year, I have had the great fortune of touching many beauty professionals through education. I am still glowing from being recognized by Modern Salon as one of 30 Women Of Style. WOW! I’ve come a long way from doing hair in my kitchen. To be recognized with women whom I admire as an inspiration is an honor.

Faatemah - Billboards

To see my name and face in print – from magazine covers and billboards to marquees and front-page features – on a regular basis is mind-blowing.

I’d like to thank my team and all of my supporters who have helped and encouraged me to keep pushing boundaries. You are appreciated!

As I prepare for New Year, I am looking forward to 2012 being even BIGGER, BOLDER and more FABULOUS! We’ve got a lot in store, so get ready. It will surely be a year of “Lights, Camera, Faatemah!”